Howard’s Homecoming Cut Short

By: Trey Walker

With the NBA Draft just two days away, teams are scrambling to get their last trades in and compile as many picks as possible for this unusually heavy draft class. For the most part, no blockbuster trades have been made.

However, rumors arose earlier today that the Hornets and Hawks had engaged in trade talks. It was later confirmed that the Hawks dealt Charlotte Dwight Howard and the 31st pick in this year’s draft. In turn the Hawks received Miles Plumlee, Marco Belinelli, and the 41st pick. Dwight Howard’s time in his hometown of Atlanta was cut to only one season.


Well, the Hawks have established a couple things in this trade. First, Dwight Howard was not worth the money. This move frees up about 5 million in cap space for Atlanta. Also, the Hawks have moved into re-building mode. Paul Millsap will most likely not return to a team that has only a few assets. A new group of front office personnel is ready to start fresh from the ground up.

Charlotte made out like a bandit, kind of. Dwight Howard is definitely on the back half of his career but will provide size and valuable rim-protection. Howard is a high riser that can catch lobs and isn’t easily bullied in the post. Last season Howard saw career highs in field goal percentage and offensive rebounds.

Bottom Line: Solid move for Charlotte. Also, Two Tobacco Road legends will finally be reunited.

Plumlee and Kelly

Ryan Kelly and Miles Plumlee were college teammates at Duke.