Manziel comforts Trump, deletes account after

By: Trey Walker

It has been quite an interesting time in the political world of the United States recently, and earlier this month, former president Barack Obama passed the presidential torch to the Republican victor, Donald Trump. In this article, OT Sports analyzed the impact of Johnny Manziel’s Twitter posts in his own career, and in the political atmosphere.

DISCLAIMER: OT Sports is not a political news outlet. Our mission is to deliver the best stories in the sports world. However, in this particular instance, politics crossed paths with the beaten path of our sports coverage, so giving this matter some recognition seemed appropriate.

We have a soft spot for Johnny Manziel. He has always found away to beat the odds against him. Standing at a meager 6′ 0″, Manziel was never deemed worthy by scouts to be a good quarterback, but proved otherwise. After winning the Heisman Trophy, given to the best player in college football, in his freshman year, he finished his career as an Aggie, and left after his sophomore year to pursue his dream of playing in the National Football League. The Cleveland Browns decided to give the troubled quarterback a chance, promising that they would provide stability for him. Unfortunately Manziel fell out of the league after a short two seasons, struggling again with substance abuse and his relationship with his girlfriend.

Manziel’s tumultuous tale is a sad one, but he doesn’t believe that this is how it ends for him. This month, he surged back into headlines, this time for antics on Twitter, promising a return…..

No lie.. I was a douche in 2016 I’m just trying to be a good PERSON again#LostInTheSauce

— Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2) January 19, 2017

It will take intensive rehab and consistent good behavior for a franchise to even fathom picking Johnny Football back up, but it is not impossible.

The real comedy happened when Manziel comforted President Trump about Twitter haters, and how he should block out the noise…..

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 1.14.34 PM.png

PC: Johnny Manziel’s Twitter

…….Shortly after publishing the tweet, Manziel deleted his account. He cited distraction, and his need to commit more to his comeback as reasons for leaving.

Whether or not Money Manziel actually makes it back to the gridiron ever again, we can always count on him to make stunts that will entertain us all.


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