In Case You Missed It: Free Agency

By: Trey Walker

On Friday, July 1st at 12 PM EST, the scramble for free agents began. Let’s take a look at the new destinations for some NBA superstars…

1.) Nic Batum

Contract: 5-year, $120 Million

Team: Charlotte Hornets (Re-signed)

This move should have Buzz City fans relieved, as Nic Batum emerged as one of Charlotte’s most valuable players down the stretch last season.

2.) Michael Conley

Contract: 5-year, $153 Million

Team: Memphis Grizzlies (Re-signed)

CHA-CHING!  ….The Grizzlies better hope this pays off. This yet-to-be All-Star’s contract is the richest in NBA history.

3.) DeMar DeRozan

Contract: 5-year, $145 Million

Team: Toronto Raptors (Re-signed)

LA really let this one slip. DeRozan dissed the Lakers and returned to Toronto where a nice paycheck awaited him.

4.) Andre Drummond

Contract: 5-year, $130 Million

Team: Detroit Pistons (Re-signed)

Big man. Big money. Big expectations.

5.) Dwight Howard

Contract: 3-years, $70.5 Million

Team: Atlanta Hawks (from Houston Rockets)

Howard helps bolster the Hawk’s rim protection, as Al Horford has moved on.

6.) Solomon Hill

Contract: 4-year, $50 Million

Team: New Orleans Pelicans (from Indiana Pacers)

THIS IS LUDACRIS. The Pelicans have invested 50 million in a player who averaged 4.2 points and 2.8 rebounds last season. You decide if he was worth it….

7.) Matthew Dellavedova

Contract: 4-year, $38 Million

Team: Milwaukee Bucks (from Cleveland Cavaliers)

Delly just cashed in. Aside from a killer shoe deal on the way with PEAK Sports, Delly just earned himself some serious lettuce. The Aussie now makes almost as much as Stephen Curry.

8.) Luol Deng

Contract: 4-year, $72 Million

Team: Los Angeles Lakers (from Miami Heat)

After failing to lure in DeRozan, the Lakers had to intensify their efforts to land someone during the free agency period. Deng will be a good veteran presence for a young Lakers roster.

9.) Timofey Mozgov

Contract: 4-year, $64 Million

Team: Los Angeles Lakers (from Cleveland Cavaliers)

Not too shabby for a guy who only averaged 5.8 minutes in the Finals this year….

10.) Al Horford

Contract: 4-year, $113 Million

Team: Boston Celtics (from Atlanta Hawks)

Al Horford will get the unique chance to mentor the League’s brightest company of big men in Boston: Kelly Olynyk, Tyler Zeller, and Jared Sullinger.

11.) Bradley Beal

Contract: 5-year, $128 Million

Team: Washington Wizards (Re-signed)

After KD lost interest in Washington, the Wizards had plenty of cap space to keep their best shooter locked up for 5 more years.

12.) Joakim Noah

Contract: 4-year, $72 Million

Team: New York Knicks (from Chicago Bulls)

And just like that, the Knicks have become a serious contender in the Eastern Conference.

13.) Harrison Barnes

Contract: 4-years, $95 Million

Team: Dallas Mavericks (from Golden State Warriors)

A shaky Finals performance did not prevent the Maverick’s front office from offering this former Tar Heel a wealthy deal.

14.) Kent Bazemore

Contract: 4-year, $70 Million

Team: Atlanta Hawks (Re-signed)

Atlanta didn’t want to take any chance of letting Bazemore loose after Al Horford escaped to Boston.

15.) Ish Smith

Contract: 3-year, $18 Million

Team: Detroit Pistons (from Philadelphia 76ers)

This former Demon Deacon has finally gotten what he needs: stability. Smith has bounced around between 9 different teams in his NBA career, and now he will get to stay in one place at last. Well deserved.

16.) Bismack Biyombo

Contract: 4-year, $72 Million

Team: Orlando Magic (from Toronto Raptors)

Biyombo took advantage of his dominant and somewhat surprising performance in this years playoffs to gain exposure for himself. As a result, he became a hot target on the free agency market, and fell to the highest bidder: Orlando.

17.) Pau Gasol

Contract: 2-year, $30 Million

Team: San Antonio Spurs (from Chicago Bulls)

With Tim Duncan mulling retirement, Gasol is a reliable option for Coach Popovic to play in the post.

18.) Courtney Lee

Contract: 4-years, $50 Million

Team: New York Knicks (from Charlotte Hornets)

Lee’s acquisition by the Knicks rules out a scenario where D-Wade goes to the Big Apple.

19.) Chandler Parsons

Contract: 4-year, $94 Million

Team: Memphis Grizzlies (from Dallas Mavericks)

Parsons should be the player that the Grizzlies need to become a serious threat in the Western Conference.

20.) Kevin Durant

Contract: 2-year, $54 Million

Team: Golden State Warriors (from Oklahoma City Thunder)

If you can’t beat them, join them. Durant’s move was considered by many a weak and classless one. After spending almost a decade with Oklahoma City, KD built up a great reputation, and even led his team to the NBA Finals. Since his announcement, fans have torn apart, burned, and defecated Durant’s jersey. This move is up there with Lebron’s as the most scrutinized in NBA history.

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