Welcome to OT Sports!

Welcome to OT Sports, the home for all of your triangle sporting news needs. Maybe you accidentally mistyped your url address or you simply tripped upon our page exploring the internet. As apart of the OT team, I thank you and would like to personally welcome you to the hub of cutting edge sports journalism in the Raleigh community.

Well, what is the OT?

Thats a great question that you might be wondering. The OT was founded by a couple of students at Broughton High School who wanted to further develop their journalism skills by covering events and also benefiting the community. In the ashes of these lofty dreams arose OT sports.

What is the significance of “OT”? Is it an acronym? What does it mean?

Yes it is absolutely an acronym. These two beautiful letters merged together have represented the period known as “overtime” in athletic contests around the globe for centuries. Overtime is a last resort when there is no clear victor at the end of regulation and a winner must be determined. Our name depicts the thrill and excitement that are present in overtime, and is how you will feel when you read our content.

How often will you guys produce content?

It depends. High schoolers are still in school and academics and our own athletics are very much a priority for us. That being said, we will try to keep the community informed as often we can.

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